S/Y CARINA F L-167 For sale, eur 4600
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Type: Nordic Folkboat

Built: Suomen Kalastus Oy, Loviisa 1963-1964

Loa: 7,68 m

Width: 2,20 m

Draugth: 1,20 m

Weight: 2100 kg

Sailarea: 24 m2


The beginning

The vessel was discovered after a tip from my friend, and found in Kerimaki, Finland in a quite good condition bearing in mind she had been ashore for the past two years. After visiting Kerimaki and checking out her, the decision was quite easy to make to buy her!

On the picture she is at the Yacht Club Svartback Segelsallskap in Sipoo, at the shore of the Finnish Gulf.

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Welcome To S/y Carina!

This site is about the Nordic Folkboat s/y Carina, sailnumber L-167. She was built in Loviisa, Finland during the winter 1963-1964. She is one among approximately 30 boats of this class that were built on the yard. The material used is typical for folkboats built in Finland at the time, sideplanking of finnish pine, keel and the structural parts of oak, deck covered with plywood + canvas, cockpit and cabinsides of mahogany.

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